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Whether single, dating, engaged or married, Common Mistakes Most Couples Make will help you in several major relationship areas.

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Building Lasting Relationships is a non-profit 501c3 assisting individuals and organizations in developing mutually-beneficial relationships including teamwork and diversity. BLR also helps Executives, Military personnel, Faith-Based leaders, couples, and individuals to effectively manage their personal lives and professional careers, finding fulfillment in both.

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Couples love Clarence and Brenda’s BLR Marriage Retreats/Seminars, not only because they are fun and interactive; but also because they are life-changing. The Shulers help couples discover their top relationship needs, then, teach them how to communicate to their spouse what that looks like. They also equip couples with communication tools and how to effectively work through conflict. Clarence and Brenda craft a marriage seminar specifically for your group. They assist couples regardless of relationship status: dating, engaged and/or married. Whether your relationship/marriage just needs a tune-up or it needs a major overhaul, our seminars will help.

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America has a Male Identity Crisis. Society and social media portray men as idiots, making it more difficult to be a man today than ever before! Yet, it is men who help not just boys, but girls discover their gender identity. Research reveals that men are the greatest human influencers. Most men have 7-10 core values depending on the man’s background. Clarence’s BLR Men Retreat/Seminar creates a “safe places” for men understand their own hearts. He helps men with Father Wounds heal. He teaches men to break any cycle of pain in their lives. And Clarence shares how he overcame his eleven-year pornography addition and how he maintained his abstinence from it for twenty plus years!

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Clarence loves these single events more than anything else! “I love talking with 15 years olds on up about relationships. They are so honest. And they so appreciate someone taking time to listen to them.” Singles love these events because they feel appreciated by having an event just for them. Clarence helps singles of all ages navigate their stages of singlehood, loneliness, being content, healing a broken heart—and knowing when healthy enough for a new relationship, when God isn’t enough, sex, dating, and if you’re looking-how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. These retreats/seminars have really taken off. They have been just a Friday evening session for several hours or an entire weekend!

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Clarence is a highly sought out speaker because of his authenticity, transparency, and humor, which helps him communicate when asked, difficult topics with his audience. He has a unique ability to connect with audiences of all kinds. After Clarence spoke in the Denver Bronco Chapel, the Broncos Director of Player Development asked Clarence if he would consider working with the players and their spouses this offseason (2014). Teenagers, college students and young adults say he is relatable because he is “real.” He has also done motivational speaking at the Air Force Academy. Clarence speaks internationally as well.

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BLR’s CROSS-CULTURAL COMPETENCY SEMINAR helps individuals and/or organizations to reap the benefits of understanding an individual’s and/or organization’s actual position on diversity, by discovering and maximizing all people resources for development in the workplace and in related products/resources. Dr. Shuler provides nine learning objectives, such as how those of diverse cultures think differently. Dr. Shuler’s presentation format creates a “Safe Place,” providing an environment for honest discussion, self/organizational evaluation, and self-discovery, revealing to individuals and organization where they are and possible future directions in regards to implementing diversity.

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Periodically, Clarence offers his highly successful life-change one-on-one life coaching principles to help you transition from surviving life to living out your dreams. He has helped pro athletes in the NFL, a professional tennis coach, Athletes in Action, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And he has been asked by an NFL executive to consider working with his team’s players and spouses during the offseason. He also provides Coaching Packages for Couples and Diversity Executive Coaching are available.
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